5 Facts About Trex Decking You Should Know

5 Facts About Trex Decking You Should Know

For anyone who wishes to have decking installed within their garden, or who wants to renew decking, which is past its best, then a great option you should consider is Trex decking. This is fast becoming the decking of choice for many landscape design companies, and for those homeowners who have it installed, it has proved to be extremely popular.

If you are unsure what Trex decking is, or even if this the first time you have ever heard of it, here are 5 facts about Trex decking you should know.

The History of Trex Decking

Trex decking was the brainchild of Roger Wittenberg, a renowned entrepreneurial chemist, who has created many products that use recycled materials. In the late 1980s, he started developing composite products that used two types of these recycled materials, namely plastic film used for grocery carrying bags, and wood waste, such as woodchips, and sawdust.

As the technology developed Mobil Oil made a huge investment, and such as been the popularity of Trex decking since the turn of the century, that Trex is now a publicly traded company, listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

What Trex Decking Is Made From

Trex decking is manufactured using a combination of recycled plastic and wood to form a composite wood-fibre polymer material that provides a number of advantages that are especially applicable to decking.

The composite material that is produced for Trex decking means that the surface does not need to be finished or coated, unlike wood decking, and it is also less prone to damage such as scratches.

Trex Decking’s Main Benefits

Trex decking is popular for many reasons, with one of the main ones being its durability. Its material can withstand all the usual activities that might happen on decking and will resist damage from falling items or from items being dragged across them. It is also extremely low-maintenance with just an occasionally brush or mop across the surface, being all that is required.

One huge benefit Trex decking has over other options like wood, is the diverse number of colours and hues that it can be made in. This gives much greater choice with regards to its appearance and helps ensure it matches the decor around it.

Trex Decking Is Environmentally Friendly

As we mentioned in previously, Trex decking is primarily made from recycled materials, with the proportion being in the region of 95% recycled, 5% non-recycled.

One point we should make here is that this means that it is regarded as one of the most environmentally friendly products you will find in any garden or area where decking is used. It is estimated that a total of 400 million pounds of recyclable material is prevented from having to be added to landfill sites every year, thanks to Trex decking.

Each customer plays their part in helping the environment as a typical 500 square foot installation of Trex decking, will include in the region of 140,000 plastic bags that have been recycled.

Trex Can be Used For More Than Just Decking?

Obviously given its name, the most common use for Trex decking is in gardens and yards, where it provides an excellent platform. However, the nature of Trex decking means that it can also be used for other purposes that require a durable and easy to maintain material.

Examples of these shelving, outdoor furniture, playhouses for children, benches, planters, birdhouses, sidings, and enclosures for items like litter or compost bins.