How To Select The Best Landscape Design Company

How To Select The Best Landscape Design Company

If you have a garden in which you would like to implement a landscape design, unless you want to do the designing yourself you are going to have to employ an expert. Ideally, that expert will be a landscape designer or a company of landscape architects that specialise in landscape design.

Whilst there is nothing wrong in finding a freelance landscape designer, with a company doing the design for you, there are several advantages. They are more likely able to actually create the design for real within your garden given that they are likely to know garden suppliers, have the appropriate tools and equipment, plus they will also be able to supply the skilled labour required for the installation.

Deciding that you are going to use a company is the first step, but more important steps after that are needed to ensure that the landscape design company you employ is the right one, and hopefully the best one too. Those steps are not difficult and there are just three of them. If you follow them you will ensure that the design is created properly and more to the point, installed to your satisfaction too.

Step #1: Know What You Want

Before you so much as type the words ‘landscape design company’ into Google, you need to first establish what exactly it is you want this company to do for you. For a start what sort of design are you looking for? Is it to be plant focussed or  going to be one with lots of features such as decking and furniture? Also, what is your budget?

Ask yourself as many questions as you can so that you have a clear idea of what you want your landscape design to achieve. This way when you start speaking to potential landscape design companies you will be able to ask them directly about your plans and ascertain if they seem suitable for the work.

Step #2: Ask Around

Unless you live in the middle of the desert there are bound to be friends, family, work colleagues, or neighbours who have employed a landscape company in the past. Ask around to find out who they used, and more importantly if they would recommend that company.

Better still is if they are happy for you to visit their home to see the work that the landscaping did for them to establish the quality of their work. Also ask them about the company’s customer service, and their after-sales service if there were any snags that need sorting. Fixing problems quickly and without argument is a positive sign for any landscape design company.

Step #3 Ask For Quotes And Seek testimonials

By now you should have narrowed down the contenders based on referrals from others and you should now contact your shortlist to ask for quotes. Many landscape design companies will want to visit your property to determine the dimension and the amount of work required This is a good sign and you should be doubtful of those companies that give you an off the cuff price without even seeing your garden.

Make sure the final quote is full, complete, and obviously in writing. You also want a guarantee that no extras will be added. If you are happy with the quote but want to satisfy your mind completely, ask the company if they have any customers who have given testimonials. Also, ask to visit those customers and see the company’s work for yourself as a final check before you employ them for your landscape design.