5 Reasons For Moving To A New House – Which Ones Apply To You?

Moving To A New House

There can be many reasons why you decide to leave your current home, call in the removalists, and then move to a new home. When the question is asked of those who do move, as to why they did so, there are five reasons which show up time and time again, more than any others.

So, although the title asks which one applies to you, it may be that your main reason for moving is not one of these five. However, if you read through them carefully, we are sure at least one of them played some small part in you coming to the decision to move to a new house.

It Never Felt Like A Home

One of the main reasons that people move is that the house or apartment they were living never felt like a home to them. It could be that when they were growing up, their house has a special atmosphere full of love and always busy, with neighbours and family constantly popping in.

Often, when we move out from our parents’ home, to live in our own, we expect it to feel the same, but of course it never can, at least not immediately. That creates a real sense of loss, and the desire to move to a new house builds.

It Became Too Small

This is more of a practical reason for moving home and also one of the most common amongst younger couples when they start having children. Where once the house was more than big enough for just the two of them, with the addition of one, two or more children, the house they live in simply becomes too small.

The Neighbourhood Was Going Downhill

The saying goes that you can pick your friends, but not your family, but in a sense, you also cannot choose your neighbours, or who moves into your neighbourhood.

It will often be the case that someone feels that the area they are living in is heading the wrong direction, with increased incidences of anti-social behaviour and crime.

Closer to home, literally, it could be that neighbours that you were friendly with move, and the people who move in are not friendly, or worse, downright horrible people who play loud music to all hours, treat their garden like a rubbish tip, and  have children who are bordering on delinquency.

Life aka Career, Relationship, Finances

Another practical reason for moving to a new house is that your career means moving to a new city, or that you are in a relationship which blossoms to the point where you both wish to live together.

Other reasons could be simply that your finances allow you to move to a more affluent better area, buy a bigger house, or even a second home that you now intend to live in, whilst renting out your current home.

You Love Moving To A New House Frequently

The final reason is one in which many thoughts and emotions may play a part, but it is simply that you like to move to a new house frequently. There are people who genuinely get bored with where they live quickly, and so, almost as soon as they settle in, they are already looking for the next house they are going to live in.