5 Questions to Ask a Kitchen Renovation Expert

5 Questions to Ask a Kitchen Renovation Expert

Not everyone knows what to do when they realise it’s time to undertake kitchen renovations. You might know you need a new kitchen, but what on earth do you do next? It can be worth contacting a kitchen cabinetry maker and asking them the following questions.

  1. Will You Work Within My Budget?

It always helps to have a budget when you’re about to start kitchen renovations. After all, the costs can quickly add up and end up becoming more than you can afford.

When the idea first enters your mind to renovate, it can be worth asking your local cabinet maker what they can do with the budget you have set. You may be surprised at how much they can achieve when you give them a figure to work with.

  1. Do I Get a Say in the Design Process?

Even though we are a nation of DIYers, some things require an expert’s input. Kitchen renovations are one such thing. Although, it might pain you to realise that you have to give up control of the project.

However, you don’t have to entirely. You get full say in the design process of your new kitchen. A cabinet maker can come to your home, measure the space, and offer ideas for how your new kitchen can be laid out in the space.

You also have input into the materials and hardware they use, the finish you prefer, and even the colours. The only part of the process you’re not involved with is the actual creation and installation of the kitchen.

  1. Do You Have Examples of Your Work?

A cabinet maker’s beautiful website can reflect the attention to detail that goes into the kitchens they produce. However, you often don’t know for sure until your new kitchen is installed.

Don’t be afraid to ask for pictures of past projects they have worked on. You can then get an idea of what they are capable of before you hire them.

  1. How Long Does the Whole Process Take?

Unlike a bedroom or living space that you can manage without while it’s being renovated, a kitchen is something that you use every day. Being without it can be a significant inconvenience. Therefore, it can be worth asking how long the entire kitchen cabinetry renovation can take – from the creation of the cabinetry to when it is installed.

The timeframe can depend on what else you are renovating in the kitchen and what their workload looks like at the time. This information can help you plan how you will prepare the family meal when you’re without those basic necessities.

  1. Will You Factor In My Requirements?

Homeowners upgrade their kitchen for many different reasons, such as a lack of storage space or it no longer being fit for purpose. Ask your chosen cabinet maker if they will factor in your requirements and requests when coming up with a kitchen design.

For example, you may need plenty of space for your kitchen appliances, or you may want extra shelving or soft-close drawers. Fortunately, you’ll likely find that a cabinet maker will incorporate much of what you want into the design before they start building.

If you have never had to communicate with a kitchen renovation team before, you may not know the right questions to ask. These five above may give you a foundation to work from so that you can end up with the kitchen of your dreams.