5 Questions to Ask a Kitchen Renovation Expert

5 Questions to Ask a Kitchen Renovation Expert

Not everyone knows what to do when they realise it’s time to undertake kitchen renovations. You might know you need a new kitchen, but what on earth do you do next? It can be worth contacting a kitchen cabinetry maker and asking them the following questions.

  1. Will You Work Within My Budget?

It always helps to have a budget when you’re about to start kitchen renovations. After all, the costs can quickly add up and end up becoming more than you can afford.

When the idea first enters your mind to renovate, it can be worth asking your local cabinet maker what they can do with the budget you have set. You may be surprised at how much they can achieve when you give them a figure to work with.

  1. Do I Get a Say in the Design Process?

Even though we are a nation of DIYers, some things require an expert’s input. Kitchen renovations are one such thing. Although, it might pain you to realise that you have to give up control of the project.

However, you don’t have to entirely. You get full say in the design process of your new kitchen. A cabinet maker can come to your home, measure the space, and offer ideas for how your new kitchen can be laid out in the space.

You also have input into the materials and hardware they use, the finish you prefer, and even the colours. The only part of the process you’re not involved with is the actual creation and installation of the kitchen.


Are Custom Kitchen Cabinets Worth It

Are Custom Kitchen Cabinets Worth It?

Spoiler: Yes!

When you start planning for kitchen renovations, one of the first things you might ask yourself (or someone else) is: are custom kitchen cabinets worth it? In short, yes. However, if you need more convincing, we’ve covered some of their benefits below.

Only the Highest Quality Materials

One thing of significant concern to homeowners and landlords is whether or not the materials used in a kitchen renovation can withstand daily wear and tear. When you buy entry-level kitchens, that’s not always the case.

Over time, hardware can break, screws can come out, benchtops can scratch and wear, and shelving can break down. That’s unlikely to be the case as quickly when you hire a custom kitchen cabinet maker to create a new kitchen for you.

They use only the best quality materials, which can mean that they continue to withstand wear and tear for years to come, even with daily use. This can make any homeowner with young children breathe a sigh of relief. It can also give landlords much-needed confidence when investing in a new kitchen for their rental property.

They Are Made to Fit the Space

What you often find with kitset and flat-pack kitchens is that they are made for all homes and no homes. They are designed to be universal for any space, but they don’t exactly fit your space perfectly.

That’s not a concern for many people on a budget who simply want a kitchen that fits near enough. Though, suppose you are looking for a high-quality kitchen that tucks in neatly with your appliances and walls. In that case, a custom kitchen can be a far better option.