Top Tips To Help You Choose The Perfect Pool Fence

Choosing the right glass pool fencing for your swimming pool can be one of the most important decisions you make in your overall landscaping plans, especially if you’re not really sure what you want. However, pool fencing is a legal requirement throughout Australia, which means that you need to get a fence put up as soon as your pool is built, otherwise you could face significant fines or other penalties.

Glass pool fencing is a stylish, modern choice that is becoming increasingly popular throughout Australia and the world. Tubular metal fences remain common due to their low price an ease of installation. Wooden and plastic fences are also available, but they are much less common due to the strict requirements for building pool fences.

It can be extremely hard to choose the right fence on short notice, which has led to the creation of the following list of quick tips to help you make your choice:

Think About Your Existing Landscape Design

The first thing you should consider when you’re choosing a new pool fence is the existing features of your current landscape design. You need to try and choose a fence which won’t look out of place amongst the rest of your yard, and which matches with respect to style and colour.

A lot of people choose glass pool fences because of their versatility and adaptability. Glass fences can be customised to match almost any landscaping style, which means that they are great for a wide range of gardens.

Set Your Budget

Different types of pool fences can cost significantly different amounts. Things like tubular metal fences are usually seen as the more affordable option, while frameless glass fences can cost a lot more.

However, you shouldn’t automatically assume that you can’t afford the more expensive options if you have a tight budget. Work out how much you can afford to spend, and speak to your local pool fencing expert to find out what your options are.

Make Sure The Colour Matches Your Existing Landscape Features

When you’re choosing a new fence it’s important to take your time to choose the right colour. Things like glass fencing is quite generic, which means that colour isn’t as much of a factor, but if you decide to go for a tubular metal or other style of fence you will have a lot more flexibility to choose what colour you want.

Plan A Fence That Meets Your Council’s Legal Requirements

It’s very important to take your area’s pool fencing legal requirements into account when you’re choosing a new pool fence for your yard. Make sure that the fence you choose is acceptable in terms of its height, width and design, otherwise you might find yourself in all sorts of trouble.

Final Word

Choosing the right pool fence can be hard, but it’s by no means impossible when you slow down and consider your options carefully. The above tips should help you choose the right pool fence, but your local pool fencing business should be able to help you if you need more information.