3 Reasons You Should Get Your New Tree Imported

Australia is one of the greenest nations in the world, and you can find thousands of native plants and trees to grow in your backyard, then why is there a need to import trees?

Well, if you love gardening then the reason is self explanatory. You want to try new things and watch new plants grow in front of you, but if you are a typical homeowner then you need some convincing on why new landscaping with the help of Landscapers Sydney importing trees can be a good idea. After all it involves tonnes of hassle, such as getting in touch with a freight or transport company.

Let’s have a look at three reasons to import trees:

  • It Is Not that Difficult

Important trees is not as difficult as it might sound, according to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. The government has laws regarding imports of trees and plants, but fortunately the laws are not very stringent making it easy for you to import the plant/tree of your choice.

The government wants the country to be pollution free, which is why it appreciates imports of trees. As a result, the policies are very import friendly.

  • It Adds Value to Your House

Having a well-maintained garden can give a hike to your property’s value while also making it easier to sale it. According to reports, there can be a 19% increase in a home’s value if it has a well maintained garden, however this depends on several other factors as well including the location of the property and overall condition.

It is quite understandable why this happens. Most buyers want to buy houses that are attractive and have something new to offer; the presence of imported plants can be a USP allowing you to demand a higher price.

This is why many homeowners do not shy away from importing trees and even paying for freight, since it all ends up being an investment with a very good return value.

  • It Impresses One and All

Planting imported trees around your home can leave an amazing impression on all your friends and family. It reflects your love and passion for trees, while giving an uplift to the image of your house.

Things to Keep In Mind Before Importing A Tree

There are a few things that you need to consider before you can import a tree. You need to check with the Australian Agriculture Authority to see if the tree you’re willing to import is allowed on Australian soil or not. If not, then you will need to file for an import permit. However, if you’re importing from one state to another, then this should not be a problem.

Other than this, you need to make sure that you choose a freight service that is experienced in importing trees so that you get your tree green and healthy. Not all freight companies can import trees, so you might have to do a bit of research.

Lastly, you must make sure to import a tree that can thrive in your environment. For example, importing a tree that only grows in snowy regions would be a bad idea if it is very hot and humid where you live.


Now that you know the benefits of importing trees, start your import journey today. Pick a tree to import, get the necessary approval, make a purchase and get in touch with a freight company to get your new tree.