Carpet Cleaning Myths

7 Carpet Cleaning Myths You Must Ignore

It is true that much upset, damage and mayhem has been created by people following old wives’ tales and myths. This is especially true with regards to carpet cleaning,  and if you have ever seen a carpet completely ruined because the owner used a method ‘the fella down the pub swore would get it clean’, you would know what we mean.

To ensure you do not fall victim to the same issues, caused by a so-called expert who knows as much about carpet cleaning, as he does about nuclear fusion, we have outlined the most common myths related to cleaning carpets.

Myth #1 – Remove Stains By Rubbing Them: One of the most common myths, and complete nonsense. When you rub a stain, you are actually driving it deeper into the carpet’s fibres, making it even harder to remove. If you have a stain, get a cloth, warm water, and gently dab the stain in an attempt to soak it up.

Myth #2 – Dishwasher Liquid Is Great For Spot Cleaning: Dishwasher liquid might be a relatively mild cleaning fluid, but if used on carpets, it can leave a residue, which is sticky. Now you know what happens with sticky things…things stick to them! This means dirt and grit sticking to your carpet and making it even dirtier, as a result.