Neuw Denim, The Strand | Breathe Architecture
Tom Ross
The Corner Hotel, Richmond | Therefore Studio
Tom Ross
Six Degrees Office, Fitzroy | Six Degrees Architects
Six Degrees
Breathe Architecture Studio, Brunswick | Breathe Architecture
Peter Clarke Photography
Swisse Vitamins, Collingwood | Six Degrees Architects
Alice Hutchison
Double Life, Surrey Hills | Breathe Architecture
Katherine Lu
De Clieu, Fitzroy | Six Degrees Architects
99designs, Richmond | Breathe Architecture
Paramount Coffee Project, Sydney | Interior Design Ficus Constructions
MediaComm, Melbourne | The Splinter Society
Parure Residence, Kensington | Architects EAT
James Coombes Architects EAT
The National Hotel, Richmond | Breathe Architecture
Wuttke Photography
Swisse HQ, Collingwood | Six Degrees Architects
House on the Hill | Andrew Maynard Architects
Captain Melville Hotel, Melbourne | Breathe Architecture
Wuttke Photography
City Hall Lounge, City of Kingston | Nest Architects
Gertrude Street Apartment | Six Degrees Architects
AllPress Melbourne Roastery & Cafe, Collingwood | Design & Construct Ficus in collaboration with Mike Allpress
Lulumae, Melbourne Central | Breathe Architecture
The Kettle Black Cafe, South Melbourne | Studio You Me
Bar Ampere, Melbourne | BG Architecture